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Chicago Pneumatic Tools Are "Just the Ticket" for Texas Shop at SEMA 2018

March 20, 2019

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Getting a "ticket" in their souped-up turbo didn't bother these Texas drivers -- in fact, they cheered, and Chicago Pneumatic helped them do it.

Jorge Ramos of Top Gun Performance Tuning in Laredo, Texas, set out to secure a "Golden Ticket" at SEMA 2018 in Las Vegas with his team’s modified 2019 Hyundai Veloster R Spec. Only 10 of the Golden Tickets are given out at the annual trade show of the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association, to cars most likely to "shake up the field" at OPTIMA's Ultimate Street Car Invite (USCI) following the SEMA show. This is the second year in a row -- in just two tries -- Ramos has secured a Golden Ticket for the OPTIMA USCI.

Ramos reached out to us in early September, asking to use a 1" CP Impact Wrench on the Veloster R Spec's support vehicle, the 2018 Hyundai KONA. The KONA would be outfitted with equipment and accessories to be used on the Veloster R Spec at the track, and would also be on display at SEMA 2018. Both cars would be modified for quickness and would be entered in the SEMA “Battle of the Builders” contest, where Top Gun’s entry car had made it to the third round the year before.

Our experts responded with a bit of advice -- that the CP8849 1/2" Impact Wrench would be a better fit for their needs -- and Top Gun agreed. Ramos suited up the KONA with the CP8849 1/2" Impact Wrench and SS4211WP Sockets, along with a CP8915 Torque Wrench, CP8006 Worklight, and CP Soft Tool Bag, to carry all of the great tools we sent them in style. "They're very precise," said Ramos of the Impact Wrench and Torque Wrench he used for the SEMA builds, and continues to use because they're so reliable. "They are very precise, at 30 foot-pounds, 60 foot-pounds, even 90 foot-pounds. Others can slip at higher torques, but not the Chicago Pneumatic tools."

In fact, Ramos and his crew got a quick lesson in how sturdy and reliable the Chicago Pneumatic wrenches are, before they ever even arrived in Las Vegas. Two hours into their road trip, a tire blew on their brand-new equipment trailer, and since their trailer was full of tools, Ramos put the CP Impact Wrench and Torque Wrench to work!

"They worked well!" he exclaimed about the impromptu tire change. "They were perfect!" Ramos and his team at Top Gun Precision Tuning continue to use the wrenches in their everyday operations and No-Prep Drag Racing events. "They haven't failed us yet," said Ramos.
Besides their easy speed and precision, Ramos says his team likes the way the Chicago Pneumatic tools "fit" in their hands. "They're very sturdy," he says, noting their solid feel. "I like to use different stuff, different brands -- but these feel good and work well," he added. He also likes the LED work lights because, among other things, they have variable settings.

Chicago Pneumatic will be a regular part of Top Gun's tool line-up as they once again prove to be lightweight, versatile, and reliable.