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Engineering Support Department

The last piece of the puzzle is our Engineering Support Department (ESD), the team that manages the product’s entire life from launch to obsolescence. They are an integral part of our continuous product improvement as they learn everyday from the field and can bring valuable learnings on situations happening after the launch of the product.

Damien Feller, Technical Support Manager

What I love about my job is that it is definitely not monotonous. Every day I deal with something different, my projects are very varied as we have to manage over 3200 product references, 15 000 spare parts and 2600 accessories. We need knowledge in air tools, electric tools and even hydraulic tools!

Damien Feller , Technical Support Manager
Engineering Support Department
Improving Chicago Pneumatic products is not only about providing more power or making the tool lighter and less noisy, it is also about minimizing all the valueless operations for our customers. We conduct detailed analysis on spare parts consumption (including wearing parts) to propose areas of improvement in the tool’s maintenance, to make it quicker and less expensive. To take just one example, our ESD identified that modifying the piston design of the T3 hydraulic torque wrench in the Titan range would reduce joints wear while maintaining product performance. This improvement was implemented, making the life of our customers and end users easier and their day-to-day job more productive.

Chicago Pneumatic’s ESD team is also here to support our customers and end users with any specific needs: such as any customization that may be required by an end user’s business, or even the development of a solution to a specific challenge.

They disseminate technical knowledge in many ways:

  • By being directly accessible to those “in the field”, they are able to resolve some situations by sharing their know-how via phone or emails
  • By creating and maintaining all our technical manuals and documentation. They make sure information is easy to read and understandable, available in 28 different languages and that documents are kept up to date.
  • By providing certificates of origin and conformity for customers, or for some countries with specific regulations.
  • By creating « Expert Corner » content or maintenance videos, which are available on our website