Mobile Diesel Generators

CPG Range of diesel generators with primed power ranges 25 - 330 kVA / 20 - 264 kW applications with low noise.

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Mobile Diesel and Gas Generators Portfolio

The CPG mobile generator range:

Designed to meet the tough demands of the construction industry


- Full range Tier4Final
- Corrosion resistant canopy (1000 hrs salt spray test)
- Sturdy DOT US trailer, frame and canopy design for heavy duty use
- Multi-voltage selector switch and receptables
- Environmentally friendly 110% fluid containment frame
- User friendly Digital control panel with remote start
- Auxiliary winding excitation allows for excellent motor starting (300% overcurrent)
- 500 hrs service interval with Fluid drains and hoses plumbed to the edge of the skid


- Battery Cut Off Switch and charger
- External fuel connections
- Synthetic 0W40 Oil and block heater
- Hydraulic brakes for US Dot trailer
- Inlet shutdown valve
- CAM lock panel
- Skid mounted
- PMS Paralleling managerment system
- CSA approved