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T version

Our T version has the trigger function mounted directly on the driver for short post driving

RV version

RV version is equipped with an On/Off valve mounted at the end of a 7 ft long tail hose, for remote operation on long poles

All conditions

Whatever the ground condition or material, whether it’s soft soil or rock-hard asphalt, our post driver will drive down your posts in record-breaking time

Three model sizes available

Whether itís soft soil or rock-hard asphalt, a CP post driver will drive down your posts, rods for fences, road signs, crash barriers or tent anchors in record-breaking time ñ with no effort from you.

Three models, PDR 30, PDR 75 and PDR 95 each designed for specific applications, helps you to find our perfect post driver for any driving job. For large-scale jobs, the PDR 75 and PDR 95 are often used together with tractors or cranes, which make it easier to lift and guide the driver.

1 measured at oil flow 5 gal/min 2 Driving capacity depending on ground condition and length, material and depth of rod to be driven