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Savings through efficient performance

A high efficiency element ensures low energy consumption and long term performance. Also, IVR units can allow you to save up to 30% in energy costs compared to fixed speed units

Easy and fast access for service

All components are easy to be reached as all panels may be removed easily and oil level checked through sight glass

Reliable technology and prolonged lifetime

Quality components guarantee solid performance and reliable efficiency. Efficient cooling results in low working temperature and increased life time for oil and all the main compressor

Advanced control and monitoring

The ES3000 electronic controller manages all running and control functions, resulting in high energy savings.

To maximize the performance of your air compressor, it is important to use the electronic controller to your advantage.

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Rotary screw air compressors are the most popular type for material handling, for spray painting and for use with machine tools.

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Tech data

Model hp Min-Max (acfm@100 psig) Sound Level (dBA) L x W x H L x W x H (w/ dryer) L x W x H (w/ tank) L x W x H (w/ tank+dryer)
CPVS 20 20 22-89 69 47 x 32 x 48 66 x 32 x 48 77 x 32 x 73 77 x 32 x 73
CPVS 25 25 30-112 72 47 x 32 x 48 66 x 32 x 48 77 x 32 x 73 77 x 32 x 73
CPVS 30 30 35-130 74 47 x 32 x 48 66 x 32 x 48 77 x 32 x 73 77 x 32 x 73