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QRS 20-30

20-30 horsepower rotary screw compressor

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The QRS 20-30 is a rugged, rotary screw compressor that combines stealth with superior performance.

Ideal for automotive and light industrial applications, the QRS is engineered and built to support the most demanding requirements.

Low Sound Enclosure

What makes rotary screw compressors so quiet is the fact that the helical screws don't actually touch one another. A huge benefit of rotary screw compressors is that they can be mounted close to work spaces without requiring hearing protection.

100% Continuous Duty

Designed to support the most demanding air requirements, QRS compressors run at a lower RPM's. This means it can run indefinitely, non-stop, 24 hours a day.

Less Hot

The Quiet Rotary Screw Compressor causes less moisture build-up in the tank because there is less heat. And because they run less hot, you can expect them to last much longer.

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Tech data

Model hp acfm@125 psig Sound Level (dBA) L x W x H L x W x H (w/ dryer) L x W x H (w/ tank) L x W x H (w/ tank+dryer)
QRS 20 20 82.2 67 45 x 31 x 49 55 x 31 x 49 75 x 31 x 72 75 x 31 x 72
QRS 25 25 99.4 69 45 x 31 x 49 55 x 31 x 49 75 x 31 x 72 75 x 31 x 72
QRS 30 30 113.8 70 45 x 31 x 49 55 x 31 x 49 75 x 31 x 72 75 x 31 x 72

ES4000 Basic Controller

The QRS 20-30 HP is managed by the ES4000 basic controller, an electronic control unit programmed for energy saving operation with intelligent shutdown. The ES4000 controller makes operation very simple with warning and service alarms.

• Icon based display with pressure and temperature settings/readings

• Running and working hours

• Service warnings

• Element outlet temperature reading

• Automatic restart after voltage failure