How do I Manage Condensation in a Compressor?

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Protecting Your Air Compressor from Condensation.

When moisture is not removed correctly from your air compressor, it could travel through your airlines and leave you with unexpected damage. The presence of water will lead to the creation of rust in the air piping system.

It is, however, quite simple to prevent such issues. All you need to do is regularly ensure that all drains are working and removing condensate from the system efficiently. If possible, make sure all your drains are zero loss, as you want to get rid of moisture not compressed air that equals wasted energy.

Avoid leaving manual valves slightly open to consistently drain the condensation. Leaving the valve open will eliminate the need for continued attention, and it will be effective at getting the condensation out the system. This is tempting on drain points that have a high volume of condensation. However, this creates an apparent compressed air leak, and even a small continual leak will waste several hundred dollars in annual energy cost.

Why Would a Dryer Help?

The top, most efficient way to prevent moisture from gathering is by using a dryer in your system. Dryers remove that moisture so it does not condense and cause those problems. There are two types of dryer (refrigerated and dessicant) and the type you need depends very much on the type of air desired for your operation.

The bottom line is you need to somehow manage the moisture that will develop in your air compressor system and a dryer (either refrigerated or dessicant) is the optimal way to make this happen. It will keep your system up and running at its peak and avoid major expenses down the line.

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