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Compressed air for vehicle body painting

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October 10, 2017

Requirements for compressed air for a great vehicle body paint job?

Contaminants in compressed air

The compressed air produced by the compressor, contains the same substances as the ambient air. This means, among other things, that the water vapor contained in the air, is compressed and the compressed air therefore has a high humidity. Compressed air from an oil injected screw compressor also contains small oil residues from the compressor lubrication system. The average value, for screw compressors oil content, is about 3ppm. When the compressed air is to be used for eg body painting, there is a higher demand for air quality, than in many other applications. The requirements referred to above apply in particular to what is accepted in terms of contaminants such as water, particles and oil.

Removing contaminants for vehicle body painting

We recommend that the humidity is always to be reduced by drying. This is easiest and cheapest done with a refrigerant dryer that gives a pressure dew point of about 3 degrees Celsius. We also recommend installing particle filters, to reduce the amount of particles that come into the compressed air. In addition to particle filters you should also install an oil separating filter, that removes the residual amount of oil, that always comes with compressed air when you have an oil injected screw compressor. If you want to be absolutely sure, that no oil will be included in the compressed air, you can complete the filters above with an activated carbon filter. When supplementing other filters with an activated carbon filter, one achieves a quality called "technical oil-free" compressed air.

Please contact us directly if you have questions or need for compressed air that will be used for all types of paint jobs, and we will help you, improve your existing installation or give recommendations for a new installation.

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When to use E-Stop

Before we look at the emergency-stop function itself, we need to understand what the word “emergency” implies. Machines are designed with the e-stop to shut down your compressor without increasing or introducing new risk to the situation. The emergency stop function is available and operational at all times, regardless of the operating mode.

Energy Saving Tips for Compressors

Air compressors are helpful for an enormous range of applications such as air filling, packaging, tools, HVAC control, and more! One possible drawback is the amount of electricity they use; air compressors can be a huge drain on energy if used ​inefficiently​. If you are running them too long, allowing leaks to exist, or using the wrong type of compressor, you are wasting ​energy and money​.

How to know when to fix your compressor vs. get a new one?

The biggest consideration that comes to mind is cost; the immediate cost verse the long-term sunk cost of repairing. Besides from paying for the new machine or the expense to repair, make sure you take into consideration the energy efficiency of your air compressor. Newer machines usually offer more efficiency, which will help lower your electricity bills.