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What are Some Maintenance Tips For my Air Compressor?

Service & Parts Air compressors

Normal wear and tear can result in lower machine efficiency. Preventive maintenance guarantees optimal working conditions and preserves the life span of the equipment. A planned preventive maintenance may cause small hindrance for production, but that is nothing compared to actual downtime caused by a breakdown.

Below is a list of common maintenance tips based on the typical intervals we see for these services. Not all may apply to your compressor type, and your service intervals may be more or less frequent.

Air Filter– Change the air filter every 1000 hours or as needed. Check weekly and clean to eliminate any dirt and fragments.
Oil Filter – Change every 1000 hours or as desired.
Lubricant – Check level daily. Change every 4000 to 8000 hours (depending on type) or as required. We recommend synthetic oil.
Separator Element – Change out when the lubricant is changed.
Belts – Check weekly for wear and tension. Adjust tension and replace belts as needed.
Motor Bearings – Grease every 2000 hours or as needed.
Intake Vents – Check weekly and clean as needed.

If you are unsure of your machines maintenance schedule, please reach out to CP’s Tech team for the operating manual to better assist. Servicing your compressed air system is important because it helps prevent downtime and having decreased productivity for avoidable reasons.

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