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September 27, 2017

Impact Wrenches In the media Product Reviews

Westdrive Braintree is the largest Kia Dealer in the UK

Following a £1 million investment on their premises they now have one of the few ‘Red Cube’ style facilities in the UK. This new ‘state of the art’ design means they can showcase the Kia range to customers in this spacious environment through 13 expanded showrooms, as well as maintaining vehicles in the extended aftersales facility which has 11 workshop bays.

Master Technician, Frank Holby took time to review two Chicago Pneumatic tools, both 1/2” impact wrenches designed to offer motor mechanics a suitable impact wrench to fit various applications. For this reason, Frank decided to really put them through their paces on several popular vehicles in the Kia range. See for yourself what he thinks.

Frank was impressed with the CP7748 composite impact wrench, he found it a lot lighter in weight compared to other 1/2” wrenches he has used for jobs such as wheel nuts removal. Its single hand use proved of benefit and ideal for working on the hub nut on the Kia Sportage.

On using the CP7732 stubby 1/2” impact, Frank said he found the small compact size of the wrench a great help working on the bell housing nuts on a Kia Picanto. He then used it on Kia cee’d working on the clutch and brake callipers.

Frank explained that the CP7732 really came into its own when removing and replacing the front coil springs of a Kia Sportage as that must be done ‘in situ’ and its lightweight, power and size proved very effective on the application.
PN: 8941077480

CP7748 1/2" Impact Wrench

Powerful, ergonomic impact

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PN: 8941077320

CP7732 1/2" Stubby Impact Wrench

Powerful, ultra compact impact

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