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New Wrench Put to Task

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Hertfordshire based Dream Automotive develop power mods and upgrades for the new FK2/FK8 and other Honda models.  They offer basic servicing through to full race preparation and support with specialist, bespoke one-off projects.  The workshop was asked to review the new CP8849 Cordless 1/2” impact wrench from Chicago Pneumatic.

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Owner Phil Crafford used the wrench for a variety of tasks and found the touch pad on the back of the tool was particularly useful.  These digital touch buttons provide: A Slow Mode, run down at 4 to 5 Nm, and Fast Mode running down to near recommended torque, around 70 Nm.  Then, 50% power mode delivering 580 Nm and Full Power Mode delivering 1,150 Nm.

Phil found the tool to be well balanced, was easy to use single-handed and had no difficulty undoing tight wheel nuts in Full Power Mode.  The touch button modes proved effective on an EP3 Civic type R while putting the wheel back on and tightening, but not overtightening the studs.  He then used the CP8915 Torque Wrench to apply the final torque required.