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All directions

Clock wise and counter-clock wise rotation


Powerful for drilling even in hard soil

Different power sources

Can be powered by a power pack or connected to an outlet on a truck, excavator or loader

Post hole borer

Why waste a lot of time and energy on manual drilling of holes for fences and tree planting? Our post hole borer makes light work of the task.

Our post hole borer is a powerful tool for drilling holes up to 1,3 m deep and 90-350 mm in diameter in hard soil and sand.

Designed for two-person operation, it’s powerful, compact, and easy to use, and has lockwise and counter-clockwise rotation.

Weight kg 19.8
Length mm 1,085
Oil Flow l/min 15-40
Working Pressure bar bar 80-140
Maximum Return Pressure bar 50
Revolutions rpm 90-240
Auger Size at L=870 mm 90-350
Torque (at 140 bar) Nm  315
Vibration Level 3 Axes (ISO 28927–5) m/s²  7.4
Sound Pressure Level (ISO 11203) (Lp, r=1m) dB(A) <70
EHTMA Class   C/D/E
Part Number   1806 1014 43


Spare parts list

Safety and operating instructions