Impact energy (max)


Blow frequency






Vibration level - breaking


Vibration level - drilling

Ergonomic design

Vibration-reducing handles allow operators to work longer with less fatigue. Hand throttle also provides excellent control.

Drill/Breaker combination

The multipurpose CP Drill combines breaking and drilling in one package, ideal for remote areas that are difficult to access. Flip the lever to switch from drilling to breaking.

Portable design

No external power sources, hoses or cables are required. An optional wooden carrying box is also available which fits in the trunk of a car.

Convenient handle

Operator can keep one hand on the throttle and push down or pull up on the side handle. The handle also makes the tool easy to carry.

Drilling up to 2m

A high impact rate, low impact energy and rotation provide a powerful combination for drilling. A built-in air flushing device supports drilling up to 2 m

Easy to maneuver

A low center of gravity makes the tool easy to handle for excellent productivity.

One tool. Many uses.

Whether you´re breaking a small patch of concrete or splitting a rock, the gasoline-powered CP Drill can finish the job. It drills up to 30 cm per minute in solid granite. The CP Drill is compact, lightweight, and portable enough for a wide range of light applications, from installing signposts to breaking small areas of concrete to fencing work. It´s ideal for splitting rock and digging holes in hard and frozen ground.
Model   CP Drill
Weight kg 25
Length mm 732
Impact energy J 22-25
Blow frequency bpm 2,700
Power kW 2
Motor cc 185, 2-stroke
Fuel capacity l 1.2
Fuel mix % 2
Fuel consumption l/hour 1.3-1.5
Alkylate fuel   no
Vibration level 3-axis* m/s² 5.8 (breaking), 9.3 (drilling
Sound power level* dB(A) 108
Chuck Size Hex ISO Standard Shank 8318 0900 40

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