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CPVSd 21-34 Variable Speed Screw Compressors

Optimize your energy consumption

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Introducing direct driven transmission to our variable speed range of compressors, we set a new milestone in compressed air. The new design, fully dedicated to variable speed applications, provides maximum energy savings, very high flexibility, and very low ownership costs. Thanks to the air receiver (available up to 35 hp), the integrated dryer and the quality air devices available, you can complete your installation in a very compact and cost competitive way.

Low noise levels

Both of the new elements (direct coupled), combined with the deep sound insulation results in a very low sound level.

Easy & fast maintenance

Fast and easy serviceability, due to all of the service components being placed close to the front panel.

Smart monitoring and control

The unique ES4000 control unit is specially programmed for energy savings. (ES4000 advanced as an option.)

High energy savings

The new generation of elements, combined with the new converters and the highly efficient transmissions result in high flexibility and efficiency.

Optional air quaility package

Our CPBg is available with dryer, water separator drain and post filter for improved quality air.