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Light weight and easy to handle thanks to simple design
Designed for versatile removal applications in both open and confined areas
Ideal for removal of thick scale, heavy corrosion, and hard coatings


Single head piston scaler for versatile industrial applications
Furnished tungsten carbide tipped cross bit

Part number6151740220
Actual air consumption4.2 l/mn9 cfm
Air inlet thread size1/4 "
Average air consumption1.05 l/mn2 1/4 cfm
Blows per minute2800
Bore27 mm1.06 "
Chisel rivet set shank- mm- "
Length462 mm18.19 "
Min. hose size10 mm3/8 "
Net weight2 1/2 kg5 1/2 lb
Power (Joules)5.7 joule
Sound DBA pressure88 db(A)
Sound Power99 db(A)
Stroke26.5 mm1.04 "
Vibration4.93 m/s²
Vibration ISOISO-28927-9
Vibration uncertainty (K)6.9 m/s²