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Control and convenience

The well balanced design helps with handling, and the control lever allows you to switch to idle with one hand.

Oil lever indicator

The operator can see if the oil level is low at a glance and take the correct action to start the machine.

Quality honda engine

The Honda engine offers excellent power with low fuel consumption for efficient performance.
All models except MS 840.

Our rammers

Our new MS 595 and MS 695 tampers range is built to address productivity and manoeuvrability challenges in compaction tasks. Our new range, its most compact and lightweight range of earth rammers in our 100 year history, provides users with powerful, highly manoeuvrable tampers plus, the addition of a new 6” plate model, alongside the 9 and 11” models, allows for work to be carried out in smaller, more enclosed spaces, providing greater comfort and productivity.

MS595, MS695, CP tamper, rammer, compaction

Our tampers are lighter and more compact, yet deliver CP’s trademark performance and durability. Plus, every of our tamper is built to withstand the toughest working conditions while delivering powerful force and hitting power. Efficient shock absorbers and an extra-strong metal frame ensure the ground takes the pounding — not the operator. Along with reliable performance, they also save you time and money with easy maintenance and low fuel consumption.

TAMPERS   MS 595 MS 595 MS 695 MS 840
Operating Weight kg 61 62 70 84
Impact Force kN 21
Max. Speed m/min 15-18 15-18 15-18 11.5
Frequency Hz 11.9 11.9 11.9 11.9
Plate Width mm 153 230 280 280
Engine   Honda GXR 120 Gasoline Honda GXR 120 Gasoline Honda GXR 120 Gasoline Hatz 1B20 Diesel
Power at Rated Speed kW at rpm 2.6 2.6 2.6 3.0
Sound Power Level Guaranteed dB(A) 106 106 106 107
Sound Pressure at Operator’s Ear dB(A) 92 92 92 95
H/A Vibrations m/s² 6.4 6.4 6.4 11.9
Part Number   3382 0006 13 1 3382 0006 15 1 3382 0006 17 1 4812 0991 38


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