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CP3850 - Angle sanders

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What can I do to limit vibrations for the operator? What solution exist on the market to reduce grinder’s vibrations?

Limiting vibrations – it’s all in the balance

17 September, 2018

Power tools are a key to productivity in the oil & gas or the metal working industry. Maintenance and production tasks must be carried out efficiently, however intensive use of vibrating power tools, such as grinders, can expose operators to Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). How can we reduce risks, improve productivity and reduce abrasive costs at the same time?

expert article - air line accessories selection - overview

Four key factors to ensure optimal performance of your pneumatic tool

26 August, 2019

Have you found that your pneumatic tool is underpowered or not running as expected? Well, it could all come down to your air line accessories and/or connection, rather than the tool itself. It’s worth quickly checking your air line installation – a simple job that only takes a couple of minutes.

expert article - how to limit risks using grinders - overview

Safety grinding tips

27 May, 2019

Making your workplace as safe as possible to minimize the risk of accidents is one of your highest priorities. Here are some best practices you can take to improve safety when using pneumatic tools, while also decreasing your company’s total cost of operations. Grinding and sanding are safe so long as you follow simple rules.