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Chicago Pneumatic is enlarging their jump starters range to start up 24V vehicles

Boosters & Capacitors Workshop Equipment

17 September, 2018

Chicago Pneumatic is adding a new ultracapacitor batteryless jump starter to their range, CP90600, to be able to start light and heavy vehicles up to 24V. Those are great “must have” products for your workshop or for roadside assistance.

This new jump starter, like the others, is using the ultracapacitor technology to jump start a flat battery within seconds. The CP90600 delivers high starting power up to 16000 A (for 12V) and 8000 A (for 24V) to jump start any type of vehicle, from passenger cars to trucks and buses, gas or diesel engines.
Chicago Pneumatic ultracapacitor batteryless jump starters are all equipped with an alert to prevent polarity inversion and a fuse to protect both the product and the vehicle. Once the flat battery is running again, the ultracapacitor technology is recharging quickly on the running engine, in less than 30 seconds. They are 20%+ lighter than traditional lead-acid batteries for easier and more comfortable transportation and they are guaranteed 5 years, up to 1 million cycles.

CP90600 Jump starter

Easy to use & Versatile

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