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New cordless angle grinders from Chicago Pneumatic offer efficient performance and optimum operator comfort

Cordless Grinders Product Cordless & Electric Tools

25 April, 2018

Chicago Pneumatic is introducing two new additions to its range of CP Cordless range, the CP8345 and CP8350, which combine efficient performance with a highly ergonomic design that maximizes comfort for end users. The new 4.5’’ (115 mm) and 5’’ (125 mm) models provide up to 8500 rpm (750W – 1HP) of grinding power, making them ideal for use in body shops, MRO applications and for mechanics working on light and heavy vehicles.

All of our grinders are designed to achieve a high-quality finish with minimal effort every time. We develop our products with the operator firmly in mind, and the CP8345 and CP8350 are no exception. For this reason, they are powerful but also pleasant to handle, in addition to being tough enough to withstand regular and sustained use.

Yann Pasco , Global Business Development Manager for vehicle service at Chicago Pneumatic
CP8345 - CP8350 / 8940175070 - 8940175071 - 8940175620 - 8941083504 - 8941083454 - 8941083508 - 8941083506 - 8941083456 - 8941083509
The grinders are highly compact and feature a thin main grip and tight housing for enhanced handling and ease of operation. This, combined with the inclusion of a 20° side handle, enables a greater degree of precision during cutting and grinding. Furthermore, the position of the battery has been optimized to ensure the grinders are extremely well balanced.
8940175070 - 8940175071 - 8940175620 - 8941083504 - 8941083454 - 8941083508 - 8941083506 - 8941083456 - 8941083509
As well as ensuring maximum material removal, the grinders have been designed with protection of operators in mind. Consequently, they are equipped with a keyless rotating metal guard and safety level for applications requiring a greater degree of control and safety. For extra convenience, the protective guard can be oriented according to whether the tool is being used for cutting or grinding.

The latest updates to the CP Cordless range are available with either a 20V 4 Ah or 20V 6 Ah battery and include a brushless motor that guarantees a high degree of durability.