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CP women for People. Passion. Performance.

Our customer support officers in Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment demonstrate how they represent the 3 words in our brand promise.....People. Passion. Performance.

Chicago Pneumatic


Women in Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment

Deepika Naik

Being associated with Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment gives me an sense of pride. Everyday I get to learn something new as the team is supportive, encouraging and motivating. It is proven that more diverse companies are often more innovative and creative. One of the ways to gain productivity is to boost creativity in thought and performance and we have achieved this by bringing together PEOPLE from different walks of life.

My team is a diverse team which brings in new ideas and new perspectives to the table. With a greater focus on diversity and inclusion, at Chicago Pneumatic we are able to successfully navigate our thoughts and actions into the awareness of being more inclusive. According to me one of the greatest successes in diversity is to actually listen to the employees and we are given many platforms for expression where our opinions matter.

As a woman, I am encouraged to be committed to my work by a team of PEOPLE from different genders, cultures and skills.


Women in Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment

Sudhamai Rodda

My 10 year association with Chicago Pneumatic has been an amazing journey and continues to make me PASSIONate about working for the brand as I feel empowered, confident and motivated.

The work culture here encourages me to be myself and support my team while delivering excellence to customers, dealers and other stakeholders. My open minded and flexible nature at work has enhanced my interpersonal skills and has groomed me to accept challenges. The SAP project opportunity which I was a part of, is a perfect example of gender diversity wherein employees were selected based on skill and experience and we were all equally recognized and celebrated as Heroes & She-roes.

Yes, I stand for PASSION.......and when passion and talent come together, then success on the job becomes a reality.


Women in Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment

Pooja Bhange

Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment's high-performing team is composed of individuals with specialized expertise and skills. Being part of a PERFORMANCE driven team always keeps me goal-oriented and hyper-focused on achieving clear and outstanding results. What motivates me is the desire to provide the best possible service to our customers.

My role at Chicago Pneumatic is to support and guide my team to successfully execute orders that meet customer expectations and ensures happy customers. What I enjoy the most about my job, is working together as a team with our factory so that we can provide customers with innovative solutions on challenges that arise. I believe that if we show our customers that we CARE, and we take prompt action when they call for service request, we create a lasting impression.

Despite the predominantly male dominated industry in which I work, at Chicago Pneumatic, I have never felt out of place. I have had great managers who have believed in me and supported me in my career growth. I increasingly see women managers around me and that motivates me as well to strive for greater responsibilities in a culture which promotes equal opportunities.

Yes, I am proud to be part of a team which is focused on PERFORMANCE and encourages unity in thought and work.