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High Pressure PET Air Compressor - Both canopy and open type

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100% Oil Free Air

- Oil free cylinders with PTFE piston rings and bearings for extended life.
- Extra long distance piece, ensure separation of oil from compression chamber.

Total productivity - round the clock operation

- Proven piston technology, robust 3 stage compression design.
- In built local control panel & integrated VSD.

Low Installation Cost

- Factory fitted air/water interconnection with control panel.
- All components on common base plate.

Low Maintenance Cost

- Standardization of parts, easy & faster availability.
- Easy maintenance and easy access to every subpart.

High Service Integrity

- Trained & experience resources close to customer.
- High level of service integrity to optimize productivity of customer.

Optimize Power with VFD

- Energy savings & flexibility with ES 4000 controller.
- Integrated factory fitted VFD.

Integrated Compressed Air Solution for PET Bottling Applications

100% Oil Free canopy enclosed silent Air Compressors for PET Bottles
Key Features:
- Plug and play operation
- True air cooled
- Compact foundation free design
- Advanced monitoring system with inbuilt VFD
- Low maintenance due to Rod Drop Technology
- Efficient drive system with IE3 motors

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A few Industries we cater to

  • Bottling Plant
  • Aviation Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Water Storage Plants
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Edible Oil Plants