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Aftermarket Products

Always use genuine products for better performance

Upgrade your compressor with the latest technology and components to improve your performance, energy consumption and reliability

Aftermarket Services

There is no better way to protect your investment than to use genuine lubricants. Our lubricants meet all required high-end specifications and are therefore approved to be used on our complete compressor range.


Profitability start with insight. Knowing the performance of your compressed air installation at each given moment allows you to make smart use of your resources.

Line filters

Chicago Pneumatic offers you a wide range of high quality line filters for all filtration needs in different filtration grades according to your application.


AIRnet is a compressed air piping system that delivers quality air exactly where you need it from compressor to the point of use The unique benefit of AIRnet effectively reduces the cost of ownership of your piping systems.

Recip Compressor block replacement

Replacement of block will improve the performance of machine like a new compressor. This will increase efficiency in a cost effective manner.

Water cooled to air cooled conversion

Clean water should be provided for cooling. If the cooling water has high percentage of lime sulphur, silt, mud or other impurities will get deposited in the cylinder jackets, heads, intercooler and aftercooler tubes and shell.

Controller Upgradation MK IV to MK V

CP Tronic MK V – 5th generation regulating system provides energy efficient load/no load control

VFD upgradation

Constant outlet pressure