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Good control

Self-closing twist throttle operation for one hand control

Operator friendly

Breast-plate for operator comfort when drilling horizontally

Speed control

Governor-controlled motor holds speed at heavy loads while increasing power

Our core drill

VDE1600 high frequency poker from Chicago Pneumatic

Our CP 0315 Core Drill is a powerful hand- held rotary drill with a threaded output shaft onto which a water swivel and core bit can be fitted. It was originally designed for hand cutting holes in reinforced concrete junction boxes for fiber optic cables. It is now being used in many sectors of the construction industry for hole cutting.

Weight kg 6
Length mm 530
Power kW (hp) 0.9 (1.2)
Free Speed rpm 750
Drilling Diameter mm 50 -150
Air Consumption l/s 20
Air Inlet   1/2" BSP
Vibration Level 3 Axes (ISO 20643) m/s² 7.4
Sound Pressure Level (ISO 11203) dB(A) 77
Part Number   T024733


Spare parts list

Safety and operating instructions