自主设计的主机 Self-designed motor

  • 提供高质量压缩空气和高效运行Provide high-quality compressed air and run high-efficiently
  • 最少泄气及最小压力损失 Minimum air-leaking and pressure loss

高效率驱动系统 High-efficient drive system

  • 柔性联轴器 Flexible coupler
  • 可靠、高效、精巧、低噪 Reliable, Efficient,
    Precise, Quiet

智能控制器 Intelligent controller

  • 中文显示,操作简单 Display Chinese and easy to operate
  • 多种智能控制模式,效率更高 Multiple intelligent control mode higher the efficiency
  • 升级程序满足节能功效 Real time monitoring running status of equipment

一体式风机 Integrated fan

  • 一体式风机设计,高效可靠 Integrated fan is high-efficient and reliable.
  • 控制器根据油温控制风机启停,降低能耗 Controller start and stop base on oil temperature and lower energy-consumption

高效空气过滤系统 Efficient air filter

  • 有效保护高污染环境下运行的机组零部件 Protect running units and parts from badly polluted environment effectively