Original compressor Lubricants

Original compressor lubricants have a unique formula designed for optimal performance, maximizing compressor lifetime and keeping operational costs to a minimum.

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Balance and coordinated

Each kind of addictive may infect oil basic performance and ultimate effect. Adding too much specific addictive may result other useless. To ensure that each addictive are effective, we use balance and coordinated fomular

Particular applicaiton

In food/drink, pharmaceutical, medical, electronic and other industries, lubricants may damaged ultimate products, which make huge loss of the manufacture. We have designed particular food-grade oil for these special application. Even if the oil touched the ultimate products accidentally, we can ensure the quality and safety.

Adjust for high-performance

Our oil all use designed formula consists of basic oil and well-chosen addictive. It can meet the need of running in various situations. It is much better than other oil.


  • Longer oil lifetime
  • Avoid sediment such as film and grease
  • 防止酸性物质生成和金属腐蚀 Avoid acidic materials and metallic corrosion
  • 防止过滤器和阀门堵塞、轴承和齿轮故障 Avoid filter and valve blocking aswell as bearing and gear breaking down
  • 防止意外停机,确保可靠性 Avoid machines shutting down accidentally and ensure the reliabliity


  • 防止金属部件间直接、紧密接触 Avoid directly and intensely touched among metal parts
  • 减少转子、轴承和齿轮的磨损 Eliminate wearing of rotors, bearings and gears
  • 保护空压机主机 Protect compressor motors

Reduce viscosity fluctuation

  • 确保低温和高温下的油品性能 Guarantee the quality of oil under low and high temperature
  • 确保润滑油在较低温度下充分的流动性 Guarantee the full fluidity of oil under low temperature
  • 防止出现冷启动问题 Avoid the problem of cold boot
  • 防止阻塞小润滑通道 Avoid blocking oil piping
  • 确保在较高温度下产生充足的油膜 Guarantee generating enough oil slick under high temperature


  • 限制润滑油的氧化速率 Limit oxidation rate of oil
  • 防止泡沫到达油分离器 Avoid foam reach oil extractors
  • 降低压缩空气中的油携带量 Reduce oil in the compressed air
  • 保持润滑油的性能 Keep the performance of oil
  • 提高空压机的效率(气泡不会被压缩两次) Promote efficiency of compressors (foam won't be compressed twice)