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Chicago Pneumatic extends its range with high capacity jack stands

January 26, 2017

Product Jack Stands Workshop Equipment

To complete its jack stand range, Chicago Pneumatic launches two new high capacity jack stands for supporting trucks, buses, trailers, and equipment in fleet garages, agricultural, industrial and construction environments.

CP82120 Jack stand
Both models CP82120 & CP82200 – 12 and 20 tons - are specially designed for heavy vehicles tire changing and general mechanic applications. Their adjustable height from 17.71 in. – 450 mm for the 12T model to 19.68 in. – 500 mm for the 20T model will be useful for heavy trucks and equipment with high-off-the-ground axles. The multiple holes locations in support tube with strong safety pins allow for quicker operations and simpler height adjustments. The wide base and welded steel construction provide high stability and prevent distortion or twisting and the large v-shaped saddles, to support and to position vehicle frame, with the jack’s handle, bring high maneuverability in or outside of workshops. Finally, to guarantee the high Chicago Pneumatic quality standards, both jack stands are CE & ASME certified.