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Discover the new CP6120-D35H/L premium industrial 1-1/2 inch impact wrenches

Schlagschrauber Produkt Druckluft-Werkzeuge Industriewerkzeuge

29. März 2016

With even higher power than the previous generation and fantastic ergonomics, the new CP6120-D35H/L sets new standard and confirms Chicago Pneumatic’s position as the leading super duty 1-1/2 inch impact wrench manufacturer.

Equipped with the Chicago Pneumatic special 2-Jaw clutch, our high performer delivers 3600 ft.lbs (4880 Nm) of MAX torque, superior durability and a unique comfort to the user as the lateral vibrations are extremely low. The CP6120-D35H/L is the ideal industrial impact wrench for your toughest applications, up to bolt size M36. The unique ergonomics of the CP6120-D35H/L help the operator to deliver a perfect job hour after hour, offering one of the most productive solution available on the market today.
Unique Features (Compact Tool)
The range consists of two models, CP6120-D35H (square output) and CP6120-D35L (spline #5 output). The spline version can, due to better contact between tool and socket, increase durability of anvil and socket and improve assembly quality even further. The CP6120-D35H/L is the new reference for 1-1/2 inch heavy duty impact applications in oil and gas, mining, metal working and heavy machinery industry. On top of higher power, the new generation features an adjustable trigger position, from inside to outside trigger, for more versatility and enhanced comfort during operations. The tool is delivered reverse biased 15%; and by a simple maintenance operation it can become forward biased, bringing more power in forward and superior performance for all your assembly operations.