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CP Compressors offers a complete line of refrigerated, high temperature and regenerative dryers in order to efficiently and effectively remove condensate from the compressed air.

CPX-1000 front.JPG CPX - Refrigerated air dryers
Sized to handle 12 to 2966 CFM, the CPX dryers fit any application. Extremely quiet and reliable, CPX dryers deliver dry air with minimal pressure drop.
CPXHT50.jpg CPXHT - High temp dryers
A perfect complement to the RCP. With a maximum inlet temperature of 180°F, no aftercooler is required.
CPAD/CPADM Series - Absolutely dry air
Saturated compressed air enters the dryer and passes over the desiccant, where moisture in the air is adsorbed onto the desiccant beads providing dew points of at least -40°F.