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Energy consultants: iiTRAK

iiTRAK a service for our customers with the objective to identify and quantify energy & cost savings with respect to generation of compressed air. It is provided by the Chicago Pneumatic Consultant or authorized distributor.

iiTRAK consists of four steps:
  • Pre-assessment with the customer
  • Measurements (real time)
  • Conversion, analysis and simulation
  • Reporting to the customer


Flexible system to establish the air consumption profile of a factory/application by measuring the output of multiple compressor installations 
  • Can handle up to 8 compressors at the same time
  • Can measure compressors at different locations
  • Distance between compressors is unlimited
  • Can handle compressors with different capacity control systems: Load/unload, modulating control, variable speed control
  • Max. one compressor with control system other than load/unload
Possibility to measure also pressure
  • To identify (unwanted) system pressure drops
The measurements are done without interupting the customer production

Profiling & Simulation

Weekly demand profile
With the simulation software the air consumption profile is generated  based on compressor input data
  • Existing installation
Consultant analyzes the profile and defines several alternative installations to meet the profile in an more efficient way

Selection of recommended installation and calculation of the energy savings
  • In kWh
  • In money: EUR, USD, etc.
Generate Report.

Some facts about compressed air

The cost of compressed air
Each kW of compressed air is 7-8 times more expensive than a kW of electricity

Most compressor installations run at too high pressure (most end uses are designed to operate between 80-125 psig)

Every 1 bar/14.5 PSI drop in pressure output, reduces energy consumption by around 7%
Most compressor systems are not shutdown during non production hours, wasting huge amounts of compressed air to leakages

Most multiple compressor systems do not have central controller to anticipate fluctuations in air demand

In most compressor systems no Variable Speed compressor is installed to anticipate fluctuations in air demand