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Core drills

The CP 0315 Core drill is a powerful, hand-held, rotary drill with a threaded output shaft onto which a water swivel and core bit can be fitted.

CP 0315
Designed for hand cutting 65 mm to 125 mm diameter holes in reinforced concrete it can also be used in many other sectors of the construction industry where cutting holes is required in concrete, brickwork, stone etc. This tool is used where the access or position restricts the use of rig-mounted units. The CP 0315 can also be used in some environments where the uses of electrical tools are restricted.  
Features & Benefits
  • Powerful 1,2 hp air motor for tough work
  • Self-closing twist throttle operation for one hand control
  • Governor controlled motor holds speed at heavy loads whilst increasing power
  • Integral oil reservoir ensures correct oiling during use
  • External grease fitting for easy lubrication
  • Breast-plate for operator comfort when drilling horizontally
  • Its light weight helps the operator keep tool stable during operation

Technical data

Open table
Part NumberDescriptionWeightAir consumptionFree speedVibration level 3 axes (ISO 20643)Output shaftCommentsCE
T024733CP 03156,0207507,445/64 inch – 16 tpiNon-reversibleYes

Important: Full details of measurements are available in the Operation and Maintenance Manuals of the products. They can be found on the CP Printshop.

For detailed technical data please refer to the pdf file below.

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