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CP hydraulic breakers range from flexible, lightweight models up to super heavy duty models.

BRK 55
Whatever the job, large or small, light or heavy, CP has the right tool in its breaker range.

The slim designs of CP hydraulic breakers give a good line of sight to the working tool point. The tools are well balanced, with no external side bolts and protruding machine parts that can come into contact with the operator’s body. 

Hoses are fitted with flat face HTMA quick release couplings for fast and easy connections in all work situations. The couplings are designed to help keep hydraulic systems clean on work sites where there are large amounts of dust and dirt.

Features & Benefits
  • Range of models from lightweight to super heavy duty
  • Multipurpose work in asphalt, brick work, concrete and frozen soil
  • Heavy-duty models can be used instead of small excavators with breaker attachments
  • Powerful, reliable performance day in and day out
  • High-Back pressure version available for skid steer connection
Used for heavy work in renovation, demolition, road building, line installation and more.

Technical data

Open table
Part NumberDescriptionWeightMax working pressureReturn line pressure maxVibration level (ISO 8662-5)Impact rate (20 l/min)Impact rate (30 l/min)Impact rate 40 l/minEHTMA classShank size
--kgbarbarm/s2bpmbpmbpm-Hex mm
1801344611BRK 4019,595-1101015,11400--C25x108 (1x4¼)
1801344654BRK 4019,595-1101015,11400--C28x152 (1x6)
1801344658BRK 4019,595-1101015,11400--C28x160 (1x6¼)
1801344660BRK 4019,595-1101015,11400--C32x152 (1¼x6)
1801344662BRK 4019,595-1101015,11400--C32x160 (1¼x6¼)
1801344719BRK 40 VR2595-110105,01400--C25x108 (1x4¼)
1801344720BRK 40 VR2595-110105,01400--C28x160 (1x6¼) 
1801344721BRK 40 VR2595-110105,01400--C32x152 (1¼x6)
1801344722BRK 40 VR2595-110105,01400--C32x160 (1¼x6¼)
1801354605BRK 55 22,5105-1251516,615002100-D(C)*25x108 (1x4¼)
1801354663BRK 55 22,5105-1251516,615002100-D(C)*28x160 (1x6¼)
1801354665BRK 5522,5105-1251516,615002100-D(C)*32x152 (1¼x6)
1801354668BRK 55 22,5105-1251516,615002100-D(C)*32x160 (1¼x6¼)
1801354723BRK 55 VR 28105-125154,615002100-D(C)*25x108 (1x4¼)
1801354731BRK 55 VR 28105-125154,615002100-D(C)*28x160 (1x6¼)
1801354724BRK 55 VR 28105-125154,615002100-D(C)*32x152 (1¼x6)
1801354725BRK 55 VR 28105-125154,615002100-D(C)*32x160 (1¼x6¼)
1801354742BRK 55 HBP22,5115-1303517,315002100-D(C)*25x108 (1x4¼)
1801354743BRK 55 HBP22,5115-1303517,315002100-D(C)*28x152 (1x6)
1801354744BRK 55 HBP22,5115-1303517,315002100-D(C)*32x152 (1¼x6)
1801354732BRK 55 VR HBP28115-130354,915002100-D(C)*25x108 (1x4¼)
1801354733BRK 55 VR HBP28115-130354,915002100-D(C)*28x152 (1x6)
1801354734BRK 55 VR HBP28115-130354,915002100-D(C)*28x160 (1x6¼)
1801354735BRK 55 VR HBP28115-130354,915002100-D(C)*32x152 (1¼x6)
1801354736BRK 55 VR HBP28115-130354,915002100-D(C)*32x160 (1¼x6¼)
1801364607BRK 70 26,5110-1251511,413501750-D(C)*32x160 (1¼x6¼)
1801364670BRK 70 26,5110-1251511,4 13501750-D(C)*28x160 (1x6¼)
1801364673BRK 70 26,5110-1251511,413501750-D(C)*32x152 (1¼x6)
1801364726BRK 70 VR32,5110-125154,613501750-D(C)*28x160 (1x6¼)
1801364727BRK 70 VR26,5110-1251511,413501750-D(C)*32x152 (1¼x6)
1801364728BRK 70 VR 32,5110-125154,613501750-D(C)*32x160 (1¼x6¼)
1801364745BRK 70 HBP26,5115-1303518,613501750-D(C)*28x152 (1x6)
1801364737BRK 70 HBP26,5115-1303518,613501750-D(C)*32x152 (1¼x6)
1801364738BRK 70 VR HBP32,5115-130355,513501750-D(C)*28x152 (1x6)
1801364739BRK 70 VR HBP32,5115-130355,513501750-D(C)*28x160 (1x6¼)
1801364740BRK 70 VR HBP32,5115-130355,513501750-D(C)*32x152 (1¼x6)
1801364741BRK 70 VR HBP32,5115-130355,513501750-D(C)*32x160 (1¼x6¼)
1801374609BRK 95 33110-1251520,1-11501600D(E)**32x160 (1¼x6¼)
1801374675BRK 95 33110-1251520,1-11501600D(E)**32x152 (1¼x6)
1801374608BRK 95 VR39110-125156-11501600D(E)**32x160 (1¼x6¼)
1801374674BRK 95 VR 39110-125156-11501600D(E)**32x152 (1¼x6)
1801347685BRK 95 HBP33115-13020--11501600D(E)**28x152 (1x6)
1801374676BRK 95 HBP33115-13020--11501600D(E)**32x152 (1¼x6)
1801347459BRK 95 VR HBP39115-13020--11501600D(E)**28x152 (1x6)
1801374760BRK 95 VR HBP39115-13020--11501600D(E)**32x152 (1¼x6)

Important: Full details of measurements are available in the Operation and Maintenance Manuals of the products. They can be found on the CP Printshop.

For detailed technical data please refer to the pdf files below.

PAC P13 Power pack
CP hydraulic power packs are available in petrol and diesel driven versions, and provide portable power for a long list of applications in the 20-40 lpm/172 bar range.
BRK 25 D Pick hammer
The light weight CP pick hammer is ideal for horizontal work. The slim designs of the CP hydraulic pick hammer give a good line of sight to the working tool point.
RDR 48 M Rock drills
The CP hydraulic rock drill will drill diameters of up to 50 mm and depths down to approximately 6 meters with a standard integral steel in ISO serie 11.
SAW 16 Cut-off saw
he open cutting face makes the CP cut-off saw easy to use, even under the most demanding conditions.
COR 5 Core drills
CP core drills are well suited for drilling concrete, masonry and asphalt materials. They can be operated freehand or mounted in a drill stand.
WAP 2 Water pumps
CP hydraulic submersibles are a range of rugged pumps for continuous pumping of water on building sites, in flooded excavations and cellars, and similar situations.
PDR 75 T Post drivers
CP Post drivers is a tough machine with plenty of power that drives posts or rods in most surface material from soft soil to rock-hard asphalt.
PPU 22 HD Post pullers
With 6 tons of pulling power and an automatic chain-tightening clamp, the CP post puller has the muscle you need to get the job done.
PHB 3-14 Post hole borer
The CP post hole borer is a powerful tool for drilling holes up to 1,3 m deep and 90-350 mm in diameter in hard soil and sand.
OFD 8 Oil flow dividers
Flow dividers reduce flow and pressure, allowing you to run tools from hydraulic-powered carriers.
Extension hose Hoses
Hoses are fitted with flat face HTMA quick release couplings for fast, clean and easy connections in all work situations.