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Concrete Equipment

From vibration and leveling to finish and cutting, CP offers a full selection of concrete equipment for every step of your project. And every model is designed to get the job done reliably, efficiently and affordably.

CP Pneumatic Poker Red_BW_app02.jpg
These products aren't overloaded with extra features you don't need and will rarely use. Instead, CP concrete equipment is built to deliver the dependable performance, user-friendly operation and low maintenance you need for long-term productivity.

CP mechanical Pokers VPM Mechanical Pokers
CP mechanical pokers are built to last and provide high acceleration inside medium to high slump concrete. With easy servicing and a long hose, they’re an excellent choice for mid-sized construction sites.
Generator VCD 4700 Right Drive Units
CP diesel and gasoline drive units are well suited for powering VPM mechanical pokers. These heavy-duty models feature quality engines and solid frame protection for added durability.
CP Electric Pokers VPE Electric Pokers
CP electric pokers are light and easy to handle, yet provide the vibration needed to remove air voids in medium to high slump concrete. They’re designed to offer lower noise and require little maintenance. Just plug them in and get to work.
VCE4700 T Left Frequency Converters
CP frequency converters deliver robust construction and reliable operation, running up to four VPE pokers simultaneously. These units are recommended for job sites where electricity is supplied.
CP Generators group Generators
For portable power where and when you need it, CP’s VCD and VCG generators are the answer. With robust construction and high output stability, they’re an excellent mobile solution to power VPE pokers on remote job sites.
CP Pneumatic Pokers VPP Pneumatic Pokers
CP offers an extensive range of pneumatic pokers suited for all consistencies of concrete, from low to high slump. Powered by an air compressor, VPP pokers can be used in remote places where no electricity is available.
CP Screed LBG 800 Left 2m Bull Float Screed
Leveling fresh concrete doesn’t have to wear you down. CP’s bull float screed is easy to handle and provides vibration and leveling in one step. This model is recommended for smaller slabs and low to high slump concrete.
CP Screed LBG 1200  Left Hand-Held Screed
For leveling applications, the CP hand-held screed is designed to provide a consistent, even surface without any guide or supporting tube. It’s easy to handle and suitable for all slabs of all sizes and concrete from medium to high slump.
LDE2200   all sections Truss Screeds
When you have a large area of concrete to finish, you need a tool that’s right for the job. CP truss screeds give you the flexibility to screed much larger areas in a single pass, automating the screeding process and saving you time.
CombiForm with screws CombiForm Screed Rail System
CombiForm is a lightweight, leave-in-place screed rail system that is cast into the concrete, providing an efficient leveling solution. It’s easy to set up and does not require the concrete to be pre-leveled before screeding.
SCS32_front Spreader Wagon
Get the finish you want with the convenience of Chicago Pneumatic’s robust spreader wagon. It’s designed to evenly distribute all types of granolithic concrete material while pressing it into the upper layer for a long-wearing surface. With a simple design and durable construction, the SCS 32 stands up to demanding conditions for a reliable, even finish on your concrete projects.
CP Trowel Group Power Trowels
CP’s STG power trowels are used after the leveling process to create a long-lasting, durable finish. From small edging tasks to larger floors, CP has a power trowel for the job – all designed for reliable performance and low maintenance.
CP Trowel Group Floor Saws
CP concrete and asphalt floor saws are designed to deliver a straight, stable cut. Both gasoline and diesel models are available, offering a maximum cutting depth of 150 mm to fit most job requirements.