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Air quality advice from Chicago Pneumatic, brought to you by


Chicago Pneumatic has issued some useful advice to workshops on ensuring a quality air supply in the workshop by using an FRL system (Filter, Regulator, Lubricator) on air lines. The leading tool and equipment supplier says FRL systems have a vital triple function. The filter cleans compressed air trapping solid particles such as dust, dirt, and rust, the regulator ensures the consistency of the working air pressure and the lubricator adds controlled quantities of oil into a compressed air system.

Chicago Pneumatic consistently finds that most pneumatic tool users do not make the most of their tools because of their poor quality airline setup. It recommends that an FRL unit is mounted as close as possible to the tool, right where the tool hose is connected to the system. This will ensure a good, clean and consistent air supply. Good maintenance of the FRL unit will then help to ensure that this remains in place. 
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Article Courtesy of Autobiz

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