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News / Product news / CP 1260 and CP 1290: Brand New Chicago Pneumatic Breakers Now Available in North American Markets

CP 1260 and CP 1290: Brand New Chicago Pneumatic Breakers Now Available in North American Markets


INDEPENDENCE, Ohio (February 2014) - Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment introduces two brand new handheld breakers to the North American market; The CP1260 and CP 1290.

Chicago Pneumatic - 1290 SVR Y4A0575
The brand new breakers offer the same quality and versatility as previous pneumatic breaker models, but with updated features, more power, and a sleek, ergonomic look.

Known globally for their high-impact technology and durability, many of the same value-adding features of the CP 1230 and CP 1240 were rolled into the CP 1260 and CP 1290, respectively. Offering a variety of sizes, there is a CP pneumatic breaker option for every application.

“The CP handheld pneumatic breakers have traditionally delivered an efficient and powerful solution for any demolition application,” explains Gus Armbruster, product manager for pneumatic tools. “The new CP 1260 and CP 1290 have carried through the important features of previous models, but have incorporated a number of features new to the handheld line.” The list of added features include; ergonomically designed handles to reduce operator fatigue, a streamlined, flatter profile for improved operator visibility, and new durable polyurethane front head springs that reduce wear and extend the life of the breaker and its internal components.

In addition to various innovative features, the CP 1260 and CP 1290 offer even more power than previous models. “The CP 1260 and CP 1290 have enough power to make them an ideal solution for a variety of applications,” adds Armbruster. “By improving upon past models versus starting from square one, we are able to provide truly versatile, powerful, and efficient tools.”

Another key feature of the CP 1260 and CP 1290 breakers is that many of the components are compatible with previous generations of pneumatic breakers, so that if a problem should arise with the new equipment, repairs can be made quickly and easily.

About the CP 1260
At a little over two feet long, and an operating weight of 63 lb, the CP 1260 is compact enough to transport to any job site easily. Delivering 1,300 powerful blows per minute (bpm), it is also powerful enough to handle a number of medium to heavy-duty applications.
About the CP 1290
The CP 1290 weighs in at 81 lb and has a length of 28 inches, making this a powerful tool for it’s compact size. The CP 1290 delivers 1,100 bpm. The most powerful of the CP handheld line, the 1290 is ideal for heavy-duty demolition work.
For more information on the complete line of CP pneumatic breakers, spike drivers, and accessories, please visit.
About Chicago Pneumatic
Since 1901, the Chicago Pneumatic name has represented high-performance tools and equipment designed for an extensive range of applications. Chicago Pneumatic offers a wide range of pneumatic, hydraulic and petrol-driven equipment, portable compressors, rig-mounted attachments, and compaction equipment for the construction and demolition industry. With a global network of distributors, Chicago Pneumatic provides customers with worldwide sales and service support. To learn more about the extensive range of Chicago Pneumatic equipment, please visit

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