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CPLT H5 Light Tower

Key features of the CPLT H5 light tower include a hydraulic mast for fast light positioning and a uniquely designed control panel that simplifies operation and maintenance. This compact, heavy-duty unit is also light and easy to roll where you want it on the site.

CPLT H5 3qtr left half up
From construction work to mining to sporting events and nightlife, the CPLT H5 light tower puts bright light right where you need it. It’s built to perform in demanding environments and features long-lasting metal halide lamps for reliable performance.

The CPLT H5 also features a user-friendly control panel that allows operators to sequence four lighting outputs and start lamps one by one to avoid the risk of lamp failure. Having an independent control panel outside the main cubicle allows the operator to start the machine safely without any contact with the engine.

Features & Benefits
  • Hydraulic mast for fast light positioning
  • Long-lasting, high-efficiency metal halide lamps
  • Spillage-free frame prevents fluids from leaking out and contaminating ground
  • Weekly timer to schedule up to 8 lighting events
  • Oil draining system and wide-opening service doors for easy maintenance
  • External fuel filling point and up to 55 hours of fuel autonomy
  • Heavy-duty canopy, Kubota engine and dedicated alternator for durability
  • Available with off-road non-homologated or on-road homologated trailer for towing

The CPLT H5 is a versatile solution for construction, mining and oil and gas industry applications, as well as public lighting, emergencies, sports and other night events. This unit also offers full CE compliance.

Open table
Rated FrequencyHz50
Power (PRP)kW (hp)6 (8)
Maximum Sound Power Level (Lw)dB(A)90
Sound Pressure Level @ 7m (LPA)dB(A)65
Fuel Tank CapacityL (gal)110 (24)
Fuel Consumption with Lamps OnL/h (gal./h)1.8 (0.4)
Fuel Autonomy with Lamps Onh55
Engine TypeKubota D1105 Diesel
Engine Speedrpm1,500
Alternator TypeMeccalte LT 3 160
Rated OutputkVA8
Insulation / Enclosure ProtectionClass H / IP 21
Auxiliary Socket 1 x 16 Amps with MCCB 10 AmpsW2,200
Lamps4 x 1,000 W Metal Halide
Luminous FluxLumen4 x 90,000 = 360,000
Hydraulic Mast Rotation340º
Maximum Mast Heightm (ft)9 (29.5)
Mast Raise / Mast Downsec25
Maximum Wind Speedkm/h (mph)80 (49.7)
Dimensions: Off-Road Trailer (No Brakes, No Suspension) L x W x Hm (ft)3.10 x 1.30 x 2.24 (10.15 x 4.27 x 7.35)
Dimensions: On-Road Homologated Trailer (Fixed Towbar) L x W x Hm (ft)2.70 x 1.30 x 2.31 (8.86 x 4.27 x 7.58)
Dimensions: On-Road Homologated Trailer (Adjustable Towbar) L x W x Hm (ft)3.20 x 1.30 x 2.31 (10.5 x 4.27 x 7.58)
Weight: Off-Road Trailer (No Brakes, No Suspension)kg (lb)1,170 (2,579)
Weight: On-Road Homologated Trailer (Fixed Towbar)kg (lb)1,195 (2,635)
Weight: On-Road Homologated Trailer (Adjustable Towbar)kg (lb)1,235 (2,723)