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Frequency driven units: VSD Regulation

The V(ariable) S(peed) D(drive) regulating system offers the capability to match perfectly compressor capacity to air demand.

Chicago Pneumatic - CPVS 75
A VSD system is able to follow the fluctuating demand by varying the speed of its drive motor by means of a frequency converter. As air demand goes down, the VSD lowered the delivered flow and consequently the power consumption. This is the key feature of the VSD regulating system: they reduce the energy consumption to a minimum by avoiding completely un-loaded power consumption and save up to 22% on the total life cycle cost (LCC).


VSD Compressor savings



VSD Compressor savings
CPVS offers the ultimate advantages by its superior regulation

Reduction Energy Cost by 35%
The CPVS regulation follows the air consumption fast and exactly, thus saving the maximum of energy.

Stable System Pressure
The CPVS controls the sytem pressure within 2 psi, reducing the system pressure. 

High Power Factor
The CPVS increases the power factor of your electrical network. 

No Starting Peaks
The CPVS does not generate any starting peaks thus reducing the load and sensitivity of your electrical network. 

Reduction Air Receiver Capacity
Installing a CPVS allows you to reduce the air receiver volume.