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Energy box

Reduce your cost and CO² emissions, and recover energy losses with the Energy box.

Key benefits:

Chicago Pneumatic - Energy box
  • Recovers up to 94% of the energy of the compressor shaft power, resulting in huge tangible savings 
  • Reduces your CO² emissions
  • Plug & Play concept with all major mechanical parts pre-mounted in the canopy
  • Easier access to compressor, motor and thermostatic valve housing for easy maintenance

The Chicago Pneumatic Energy Box, available for a wide variety of applications, allows you to recover up to 94% of your energy, which is normally lost. This energy can then be reintroduced into the operational set-up. As a result, you can achieve tremendous savings, as well as reduce your impact on the environment. And thanks to the Plug & Play concept, all major mechanical parts are pre-mounted, which reduces the risks of wrong connections of flexible hoses and parts. In short, a highly effective addition to your set-up that offers tangible savings and benefits.