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Torque bleeding, the unwanted loosening of the nut from a bolt connected assembly, is a common occurrence throughout the industry. This phenomenon occurs for various reasons, mainly resulting from improper torque requirements upon fastening, due in part to the improper characterization of static and dynamic loading in which the connected assembly is subjected.


Titan offers customized pneumatic package kits including the following accessories: Forked reaction arms and crab nuts.
Every Titan tool is designed and manufactured with the highest quality standards, competitively priced and backed by our exceptional warranty.

Most Common Applications:

Open table
Locomotive electric motor diesel engine.Bridge crews
Track crews (diamonds/frogs)Locomotive repair crews
Rail car repair crews (frame bolts)Cylinder cover
Connection rodDrive gear
Wheel boltsBrake stations
Railroad tracks

No mattter what the application, Titan has the right tool for the job. Titan delivers superior bolting products, outstanding service along with innovative support and leading edge customer driven technology. 

Titan Hydraulic Bolting Solutions

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