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CP7749 review - Professional Motor Mechanic

An independent review of the CP7749 carried out by Professional Motor Mechanic magazine.  The article appeared in the November issue that is distributed to approx 65,000 readers throughout the UK.

In with the Pneu

CP7749 in action
When we first told Mark [Banks] we were getting him something from Chicago, his immediate thoughts turned to the pizza company and he requested an extra meat feast. However, upon realising we were actually referring to the well-known tool maker, his excitement if anything increased, as whilst they don’t do much of a line in dough balls, their tools are always very highly thought of.
The tool in question is the new CP7749 1/2” drive air impact wrench. When I opened the box my first impressions were that it looked very smart and stylish indeed. I was pleasantly surprised to feel how light, compact, well balanced and comfortable the tool felt in my hand and thanks to the magnesium alloy and composite construction it weighs in at just less than 2Kg.

CP7749 box
When in use the CP7749 air impact wrench sounds great and is very zippy, providing full torque (stated at 983Nm) for anticlockwise undoing of wheel nuts/bolts and other heavy duty fasteners such as suspension mounts etc. Since I have been using this tool it has genuinely not been defeated in loosening anything I have tried it on, including even stubborn crank pulley bolts that would sometimes have my usual air impact wrench beaten and force me to reach for its 3/4” big brother.
The revolutionary S2S (side to side) technology direction control switch is conveniently positioned at the front of the handle above the trigger, meaning that forward or reverse actions can be selected with one hand, without having to reposition your grip.
The large red power control dial on the back of the tool allows for three levels of variable clockwise torque (stated as up to a maximum of 786Nm). The finger operated trigger gives a nice controllable feel and to me the drive applied to the fastener seems to be load sensitive. For instance, when doing up wheel nuts or bolts, on the lowest setting the tool is not at all aggressive and the moment feels instinctively right to release the trigger, leaving them nicely nipped and ready to be torqued up to specification. It is really reassuring not having to worry about overtightening the wheel nuts which could potentionally lead to all sorts of problems. On the other hand, when under load in reverse or full power, in the forward setting the twin hammer clutch really lets rip and gives the extra power required.
This Chicago Pneumatic air impact wrench is quality made in every detail and once you have registered your purchase the warranty is extended to two years.


This is a great tool which I have enjoyed using every day and I have even noticed that the other guys in the workshop are actually quite envious when I use it!

Click here to download the page right out of the magazine!