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Iveco Service in Romania

Servicemen in largest Iveco Service in Romania, searching for CP7749 limits without success!!!

Iveco Service in Romania
Customer objectives:
Generally the customers prefer a light, strong, powerful tool with a good dog clutch. In the workshop you can find Ingersoll Rand, Unior, Draper, KS Tools, Gedore ,Rodcraft depending the relation that one company has with the suppliers. There are workers who prefer the tool with body from metal (steel) and a single dog clutch because they consider the tool strong and heavy duty obviously it's a heavy tool. In other workshops the most wanted tool is a light and powerful one tool for all the applications. 
Description ofCP7749 Solution:
The CP 7749 has a good ergonomic handle, a good balance in the hand and with this new knob S2S it's really the only one were you can change the rotation with one hand like on the battery tools.

Description of Benefits:
The S2S knob allows you to kill that dead time the worker have to stop to pull the tool up from the car and with the other hand to change the direction and then to go back to action. The balance of the tool is very good and the high speed of rotation are other aspects that workers appreciate. 
How was the tool better than the competition?
Obviously the majority of the tools from the workshops haven't a good ergonomics and design. This new system of changing the direction and the high speed of rotation are over the market tools.

Choose and describe the most positive experience in any ofthe areas: Ergonomics, Efficiency or Quality:
The best words to describe it is an Ergonomics and Efficiency tool. It's efficient because you can save time and improve the comfort of the worker. We can't spook about the quality because the tool is new, we have to wait and see how the tool behaves in the future.