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CP3109 & CP3119 Series Industrial Grinders


The CP3109 and CP3119 Series offer a wide range of governed industrial die grinders. Available in straight, straight extended, and angle versions, they are the perfect tools for demanding industrial applications such as die contouring, deburring, weld cleaning, light chamfering and repair.

CP3109 & CP3119 Series industrial pneumatic grinder
The CP3109 and CP3119 Series offer a wide range of governed die grinders available in straight, straight extended, and angle versions. Their high durability and governed motor makes them the perfect tools for industrial applications where power is needed. They match intensive grinding, contouring, deburring, and cleaning needs with carbide burrs, mounted points, abrasive wheels and flap wheels.

The CP3109 and CP3119 industrial die grinders series offer a robust and productive solution for demanding applications, such as material removal in foundries, shipyards, or metal-work in light and medium industries. Their governed motor is available in two versions, CP3109 series: 0.8hp/600W and CP3119 series: 1.2hp/900W providing the best combination between precision and performance to the operator.

CP3109 & CP3119 Series industrial pneumatic grinder
Featuring a robust steel housing and overall construction, these grinders are designed to run on a full shift, more than a day. Their composite housing for thermal insulation and the streamlined safety-lever help avoiding operator’s fatigue, and maintain the operators’ precision at its best level. The CP3109 and CP3119 die grinders series are available in straight and straight extended versions, (12,000 to 24,000 RPM). Their ergonomic designs enable working in the most restricted areas with up to 34’’ length when using carbide burrs and mounted points.
When an angle grinder is required, the CP3109 series also exist in various angle versions. Their unique angle gears combine a grease circulation and air cooling system, which allows reaching up to 2000 hours durability.

For material removal operations which require larger contact surfaces, the CP3119 grinder also exists in straight wheel versions, to be used with 2.5”/63mm to 4”/100mm.

Range overview

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11 Straight Die Grinders11 Extended Die Grinders 7 Straight Wheel Grinders2 Long reach/
Extra Long Reach
Straight Grinders
1 Angle Wheel Grinder1 Extended Angle
Wheel Grinder
1 Angle Grinder