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Impact Wrenches - Air & Pneumatic Tools

Worldwide leading manufacturer of impact wrenches, CP designs tools to maximize productivity and improve operator comfort.

The use of the latest technologies and materials, such as composite housing or steel housing for the toughest materials, makes CP Industrial impacts the best in each class. Our versatile line features different clutches such as rocking dog, 2 jaw, pin, single dog or twin dog clutches.
The ranges provides impact from 3/8” to 1 ½” square drive sizes.

Check the Chicago Pneumatic full range of impact wrenches in the online catalog.

SizeMatters Discover the #CPSizeMATTERS range today!
In response to user demand and market trends for smaller, lighter tools, Chicago Pneumatic is launching its most compact and lightweight air tools for the automotive aftermarket. Our ultra-compact range is ideal for use inside the vehicle and engine compartment where tight spaces restrict the movement of conventional tools. They are must have additions to every mechanics’ tool box!
CP7732C A must have in your toolbox! The new CP7732C stubby ½” composite impact wrench
The new Chicago Pneumatic CP7732C is an ultra-compact and powerful ½’’ composite impact wrench. At only 4.3" long (108 mm), this stubby impact wrench is ideal for very restricted areas, like transmission and engine work. Since this tool is shorter than your hand, anywhere your hand can fit, so can the CP7732C!
CP6120-D35H Discover the new CP6120-D35H/L premium industrial 1-1/2 inch impact wrenches
With even higher power than the previous generation and fantastic ergonomics, the new CP6120-D35H/L sets new standard and confirms Chicago Pneumatic’s position as the leading super duty 1-1/2 inch impact wrench manufacturer.
CP7737 CP7727 and CP7737 innovative compact composite angle impact wrenches excel in power and performance
The new Chicago Pneumatic CP7727, CP7737 angle impact wrenches are the best in class in terms of compact design, low weight, high power and durability, and expected to set new high levels of performance.
CP6773-D18D New compact and rugged industrial impact wrenches for heavy duty MRO applications
The robust CP6763-D18D ¾” and CP6773-D18D 1” wrenches were previously available in pistol version only, but have now been designed in a straight version with D-handle to give users more flexibility and choice for their applications. There are now four impact wrenches in the industrial MRO range and they deliver the best value for money in this class of high quality products, additionally the ¾” straight impact wrench is one of only a few products on the market with a D-handle.
CP7763D New CP7763D/CP7773D high power impact wrenches enable Vehicle Service Professionals to get the job done quickly with less fatigue
The CP7763D/CP7773D is a compact and lightweight straight impact wrench series that provides excellent durability and power for general mechanic applications and tire changing on light trucks and heavy vehicles. Thanks to the new D-handle design and the various ergonomic features of the impact wrench, users are provided with greater stability when holding the tool and increased user comfort than alternative models.
CP7711-21 Chicago Pneumatic unveils light weight ultra-compact butterfly impact wrench CP7711/21 for vehicle service
The new Chicago Pneumatic CP7711/21 ultra-compact butterfly wrench is the lightest tool of its type on the market and 15% smaller than its predecessor, which means it offers mechanics and vehicle service professionals’ unrivalled access and maneuverability...
CP67x8-series Discover the new CP67x8 Series: Premium composite impact wrenches for industrial MRO applications
The CP67x8 premium composite impact wrench series is setting a new power and durability performance standard in some of the most demanding industrial environments, including offshore oil and gas, mining, metal fabrication and heavy duty maintenance.
COMMERCIAL VEHICLE WORKSHOP Magazine July 2015 Discover Rob’s Experience testing our new CP7732, CP8848, CP7782-6 Impact Wrenches
“I can happily recommend all three of these wrenches to anyone looking to upgrade their equipment; they are easy to carry and store, are lightweight, and yet still extremely powerful.” Rob, a mechanic in the UK has tested three Chicago Pneumatic Impact Wrenches, and shares his experience with the Commercial Vehicle Workshop Magazine.
The CP7748TL nominated for the PTEN 2015 Innovation Awards, in the Air Tool Category The CP7748TL nominated for the PTEN 2015 Innovation Awards, in the Air Tool Category
PTEN presents this year’s Innovation Awards nominees!
CP7736 The new CP7736 ½” metal impact wrenches are ideal for efficient tire changing operations
The new Chicago Pneumatic CP7736 is a high quality and powerful ½’’ impact wrench with metal housing for ultimate durability. The CP7736-2 model featuring a 2” anvil is really ideal for tire changing applications.
CP7630 The new CP7630 ¾” metal impact wrenches are ideal for repair and general maintenance on vans and heavy vehicles
The new Chicago Pneumatic CP7630 is a high quality and powerful 3/4’’ metal impact wrench, available in short or long 6” anvil version
an award for the CP7732 Double win for Chicago Pneumatic Tools
We are delighted to have won two awards this year from Professional Tools & Equipment (PTEN) magazine for our CP7732 stubby impact wrench. The extremely compact, yet powerful tool has won the ‘people choice’ and ‘innovation’ awards, proving its high quality, durability and ease of use.

CP7749 Better design, more power: Discover the new CP7749 ½” composite impact wrench
More compact, and stronger the CP7749 is changing to bring maximum efficiency in the workshop.

CP6135-D80 New CP6135-D80 super industrial 1-1/2” impact wrench
Best power-to-weight ratio in its class, premium quality and excellent ergonomics for optimum safety

CP6748EX-P11R Check out CP's first ATEX certified industrial tool: the powerful CP6748EX 1/2" impact wrench
The new CP6748EX is an ATEX certified tool (94/9/EC and 99/92/EC European directives) for optimal safety in explosive atmospheres. This industrial pneumatic impact wrench offers one of the highest performance, quality and ergonomics in its class.
CP7776 New CP7776 1" metal pneumatic impact wrenches
High power and durability for general mechanics and tire changing on heavy vehicles

CP7732 Impact Wrench A must have in your tool box! The CP7732 stubby ½’’ metal impact wrench
The new Chicago Pneumatic CP7732 is an ultra-compact and powerful ½’’ metal impact wrench. At only 4.4" long (112 mm), this stubby impact wrench is ideal for very restricted areas, like transmission and engine work.
Top Product CP7748 Chicago Pneumatic’s CP7748 1/2” impact wrench has been crowned a ‘Top Product’ award winner in Professional Motor Mechanic Magazine’s 2013 reader poll.
The awards, selected on the level of interest and enquiries generated by PMM’s 60,000+ readership, are a great reflection on those manufacturers and suppliers that have made a real difference to the independent garage technician's ability to maintain the high standards expected of modern day servicing and repairs
New CP7748 Discover the New CP7748 1/2" composite impact wrench: one of the most popular composite impacts in the industry is getting even better
Chicago Pneumatic is launching a new design for the acclaimed CP7748, the top seller of the CP ½” impact wrench range. Delivering 922 ft.lbs – 1250 Nm of maximum real torque in reverse, the CP7748 is one of the quickest, most powerful impact wrenches in its class.
CP6773 New CP6763 and CP6773 industrial impact wrenches: Compact, powerful and robust ¾” and 1” impact wrenches
The new CP67X3 Series, is one of the most compact, powerful and robust industrial impact wrench offering in its class.
New CP6930-D35 New CP6930-D35: A very competitive and durable 1-½” impact wrench for industrial maintenance
The new CP6930-D35 1-½” impact wrench model completes the recently launched CP69 Series which also includes two 1” industrial impact wrenches, the CP6910-P24 Pistol and CP6920-D24 D-handle.
CP6130-T70 and CP6240-T120 Two New CP Industrial T-Handle High Torque Impact Wrenches: CP6130-T70 and CP6240-T120
The CP6130-T70 and the CP6240-T120 provide power, durability, and operator comfort in extremely demanding industrial applications
CP7748-A star is born CP7748 impact wrench review by Professional Motor Mechanic
Read the latest PMM magazine article presenting the CP7748! "This ½” impact wrench boasts a powerful 922 ft-lbs of torque in a comfortable-to-hold and lightweight tool, as well as offering an affordable, durable and high performance solution for tyre changing, vehicle service and maintenance applications."
CP6910-P24 New CP69 Series: Powerful and Durable Industrial 1” Impact Wrenches
The Chicago Pneumatic CP69 series is one of the most powerful, durable and comfortable 1" industrial impact wrench range in its class. With a simple range of 2 models, pistol and D-handle, the new CP69 series is the ideal product range for industrial maintenance and heavy duty applications.
CP7769 product review by CVW Read the latest CP7769 3/4" impact wrench product review performed by Commercial Vehicle Workshop magazine
"This month Rob gets his hands on the CP7769 ¾” Impact Wrench from Chicago Pneumatic. Here are the results".

CP8252 pneumatic impact wrench New CP82 Series: robust, comfortable and versatile composite impact wrenches
The Chicago Pneumatic CP82 Series is a robust, comfortable and versatile composite impact range covering most of the industrial maintenance needs.
CP7782 pneumatic impact wrench New CP7782 Series, powerful 1” straight impact wrenches
The new Chicago Pneumatic CP7782 series is a durable & powerful 1” air impact wrench range, including the CP7782, CP7782-6 with a 6-inch extension and the CP7782-6SP spline version. It’s an affordable tool yet very reliable for tire shops, general maintenance on heavy vehicles and light industrial maintenance.
CP7769 series pneumatic impact wrench CP7769 productive ¾” composite impact wrench
The new Chicago Pneumatic CP7769 is a productive ¾” composite impact wrench with an ergonomically-designed composite body.
CP7780 Series pneumatic impact wrench CP7780 1” lightweight straight impact wrench
The new Chicago Pneumatic CP7780 is a very lightweight yet powerful 1” impact wrench. It improves comfort & productivity for the mechanic in his every day jobs. It’s the ultimate tool for tire shops, general maintenance on heavy vehicles and light industrial maintenance.
CP7748 reviewed by PMM Read the latest CP impact wrench product review performed by Professional Motor Mechanic magazine
"For this test, Simon Hoar of MGRS in High Wycombe, pitted his wits against the latest offering from the Chicago Pneumatic portfolio of tools."