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It is impossible to imagine present-day production and process sequences without compressed air. As modern day industries are increasingly imposing ever high quality demands, it is not just a matter of producing certain quantity of compressed air but also of confirming with defined purity criteria. Thus the need for pure and dry compressed air is of paramount importance.

Dryer description

Technical data:

Open table
ModelPr in barCapacity cfmV/Hz/PhRefrigerentWt in kg
CPX 101612.4230/50/1R134a19
CPX 201621.2230/50/1R134a20
CPX 301630230/50/1R134a25
CPX 401642.4230/50/1R134a27
CPX 601664.4230/50/1R134a44
CPX 801383230/50/1R404A44
CPX 10013106230/50/1R404A53
CPX 12513127230/50/1R404A60
CPX 15013145230/50/1R404A65
CPX 18013183230/50/1R404A80
CPX 22513230230/50/1R404A80
CPX 35013353230/50/1R404A128
CPX 42513424230/50/1R404A146
CPX 53013530400/50/3R404A158
CPX 70013636400/50/3R404A165
CPX 85013848400/50/3R404A324
CPX 1000131,060400/50/3R404A335
CPX 1200131,237400/50/3R404A350
CPX 1700131,766400/50/3R404A550
CPX 2500132,472400/50/3R404A600