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Condensate treatment

Removal of contaminent in compressed air condensate.

Compressed air contains dust particles and humidity from the environment, as well as compressor oil.
At the end of the compressor process, when the air is cooled down, contaminated condensate is generated.
Current legislation requires condensate treatment before disposal.
During the compression process, contaminants such as dust particles and water vapour from the atmospheric air are mixed with the hot oil.
The Chicago Pneumatic CPP range enables the separation and removal of this contamination, so the water can simply be discharged on site into the wastepipe.

The Chicago Pneumatic CPP solutions allows you to minimize our compressed air waste treatment costs and coe for the environment at once: be fully compliant with the most stringent regulations at minimal operation costs with our easy to install solution.

Product overview to be added.

Product grouping CP - Oil Water Separator 

  Open table
with dryer
25°C - 60%
126CPP 408102045088
342CPP 1008102045096
522CPP 1508102045104
1278CPP 3608102045112
2178CPP 6158102045120
2970CPP 8508102045138
4248CPP 12008102045146
8496CPP 24308102045153