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Forward asphalt plates

Designed to meet high demands from rental companies and contractors, the CP range offers speed, durability and efficiency.

All forward plates are equipped with Honda engines, known for its strength and reliability.

CP machines are made to last, with a strong frame and a cover to protect the engines vital parts. The lifelong lubrication of eccentric element contributes to easy maintenance and long service intervals.

MV 58a, MV90, MV100 and MV115 are especially designed for compacting asphalt. The large and robust water tank and the stainless sprinkler system facilitate work on asphalt that must be completed quickly and without interruption. The machines are easy to turn and maneuver.

Features & Benefits
  • Designed to meet high demands of daily duty
  • Durable frame and cover protect vital engine parts for long-term reliability
  • Lifelong lubrication and easy maintenance
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Large robust and easily removable water tank
  • Stainless steel sprinkler system with easy to access regulation valve
  • V-belt ventilation system
Used to compact asphalt for parking lots, bike paths, pothole repair and other demanding applications where the compaction of asphalt is required.

Open table
Part NumberDescriptionOperating weightCentrifugal forceSpeedPlate widthEngineSound power guaranteedSound pressure at operators earH/A vibrations
3382000553MV 58a631025350Honda100887,9
4812099184MV90 (420)90,714,627420Honda102936
4812099132MV90 (500)94,114,624500Honda102936

Important: Full details of measurements are available in the Operation and Maintenance Manuals of the products. They can be found on the CP Printshop.

More detailed technical data in the pdf files below.