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CP1117 Series 1hp Industrial Drills


Powered by a 1hp (750W) motor, the CP1117 Series are the perfect tools for heavy industrial drilling applications. Their excellent teasing throttle, and low run out confer to the operators great productivity and safety.

Available in a wide range of speeds: 6000, 3200, 2600, 900 or 500 rpm, the operators can choose a suitable model for each drilling application, from composite material to hard materials such as stainless steel.

The CP1117 drill series offer a very high power to weight ratio 1hp/2.2lb (750W/0.99kg) which brings operators the maximum comfort. Chicago Pneumatic drills' ergonomic design and low vibration (< 2.5m/s², CP1117P60 & CP1117P32) also help operators to finish high intensive work with less fatigue.

The CP1117 drills series have durable gear boxes which reduce maintenance cost and down time. In addition to that excellent alignment of motor, gears, spindle, and chuck make the tools extremely durable.
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