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Service contract

With ever changing market dynamics and ever changing customer demands, it is mandatory to use all the resources effectively to face challenges. As productivity and price are the major factors to have an edge over competition. Effective handling of utilities such as the Air Compressor is very important. We at Chicago Pneumatic have understood these prime requirements well. After studying in details with valued customers like you we have designed the Service Plans.

Service Plans

Service contract
To maintain the optimum performance of the installed machines and avoid irregular, insufficient, or unprofessional maintenance which result into:

  • Higher Production loss
  • Higher Downtime
  • High energy consumption
  • Unpredictable and high costs

Chicago Pneumatic works with our distributors to offer a wide range of aftermarket services to avoid breakdowns and ensure the continuous operation of your compressed air system. Services offered by the Chicago Pneumatic Service network include:

Inspection Plan
This flexible plan is designed to complement your own maintenance capabilities.
Annual Maintainance
The Service plan includes all the recommended servicing advised at right intervals and in a proactive manner.
Total Responsibility
It's a plan which delivers a complete maintenance system with fixed annual costs for a predefined period, thus giving you complete confidence in your maintenance cost forecasts.