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New Airolene Plus Tool Oil with anti-frost properties


Chicago Pneumatic introduces synthetic its Airolene Plus Tool Oil with anti-frost properties. The biodegradable lubricant is developed for pneumatic paving breakers, chipping hammers and rivet busters.

CP Airolene Plus Tool Oil
Continuous lubrication is needed even more in times of frosty weather conditions. Pneumatic breakers and hammers might experience downtime from freezing caused by ice formations in and around ports and valves. This is what Chicago Pneumatic Airolene Plus Tool Oil avoids with its ice-dissolving power.
The lubricant has been especially designed for demanding applications. All pneumatic tools used under tough conditions are facing the risk of corrosion. The fully synthetic Airolene Plus Tool Oil permanently absorbs moisture and protects pneumatic tools against corrosion. It supports smooth, continuous operation even under extreme conditions.

Continuous lubrication optimises the machine lifetime, reduces maintenance costs and provides a trouble-free ownership. Apart from Chicago Pneumatic breakers and hammers, the new Airolene Plus Tool Oil can also help to protect all other pneumatic tools in the market.

CP Airolene+ Rock Drill Oil
Airolene Plus Tool Oil is readily biodegradable according to OECD 301. This defines a product with biodegradability over 60% within 10 days.

Another new lubricant rounds off the portfolio for Chicago Pneumatic handheld pneumatic products: The semi-synthetic Airolene Plus Rock Drill Oil. The biodegradable oil is developed for Chicago Pneumatic rock drills. It is insensitive to ambient temperature and helps to protect against wear and corrosion.

Contact: Anja Kaulbach, anja.kaulbach@cp.com, +49-201-633-2233

Images: Can be downloaded from the Chicago Pneumatic photo archive on photo.cp.com.

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