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High Lifting Capacity High Durability Safety


High Lifting Capacity
High Durability
Fast and easy operation controlled from the handle
Low Profile
Easy maneuvering and to transport


Maximum height: 16.1 in. / 409 mm
Air powered piston
Includes 2 extensions for higher lifting - Stored on handle for transport
Piston and pump
Anti dust seals
Ideal for easily accessing lifting points on low chassis trucks and buses
Convenient joystick controls
Cylinder mounted carrying handle
4 ¼ ft./ 1.3 m / long handle bar (1 piece handle) allows easy access to controls when fully positioned under vehicle
Handle bar locks in 3 positions: 45°, 90° & 180°
Large & soft rubber wheels

  • Exploded view (1)
  • Exploded view (2)
  • Exploded view (3)
  • CE Certificate
  • Operators manual
  • Safety instructions & safety data sheets