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The power you need to cut through the toughest materials.

Low maintenance

Direct-drive configuration reduces maintenance.

Easy handling

Open cutting face eases use even in demanding conditions.

Our cut-off saws

They may be light and compact, but don’t be fooled. Our hydraulic cut-off saw with the right blade will cut through concrete, asphalt and steel. With our 16-inch saw at full throttle, you have the raw power of a gasoline-powered engine in your hand.

Handheld hydraulic cut-off saw and power pack used for cutting application in Ontario, Canada by Ontario Drive & Gear Ltd.

The open cutting face makes our cut-off saw easy to use, even under the most demanding conditions. In addition, the simple, direct-drive configuration reduces maintenance, especially in comparison with belt-driven saws. A water kit is available to provide a supply of cooling water where needed.


Spare parts list

Safety and operating instructions